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What's included

Experience the future of short-term rental property management with MadeComfy Pro's sophisticated solution, designed specifically for established Real Estate businesses.

Focus on your strengths

Our team takes care of guest services, housekeeping, and admin, and provides the framework for you to focus on what you do best - property management and growing your business.


Your Agency

Property acquisition
Owner relationship management
Maintenance management
Carry out on the ground inspections
Recognised owner brand
Recognised guest brand
Revenue management & price optimisation
24/7 guest support
Automatically schedule cleans
Daily housekeeping communication
Listing creation and copywriting
Guest marketing & channel management
Guest management
STR training and development for your team
Escalations & claims
Trust accounting & Statement generation
Payment management & ID verification
Industry leading quoting tool
Lead generation (optional)
Sales development support (optional)

Unlock the full potential of short-term rentals

Our expert team takes care of the complexities of short-term rentals, enabling you to concentrate on what matters most - property management and growing your business.

Short-term rental (STR) training and development

MadeComfy provides industry first short-term rental training accreditation, designed specifically for real estate agents. The training will empower property managers to excel in the world of STR and build a successful STR business in partnership with MadeComfy Pro.


Our team will manages all aspects of housekeeping for the properties in your portfolio. This includes training cleaning partners, scheduling, quality assurance, payments, and ensuring that properties consistently meet the highest cleanliness standards through our professional housekeeping services.

Guest Management

MadeComfy provides 24/7 guest support 365 days a year, eliminating the cost of tenant management for your team.

Our expert guest experience team manage all aspects of guest communication from pre-booking enquiries to post-stay feedback and reviews.

Pricing and Performance

Ultilising state-of-the-art market data and robust reporting, MadeComfy's expert Property Performance team optimises rental rates and finds the perfect balance with occupancy to ensure properties have exceptional rental yields.

Guest marketing and listing optimisation

MadeComfy crafts all property listings so that they are optimised for performance. By collaborating with professional copywriters and photographers MadeComfy ensures listings are well-written, visually appealing, but also accurately represent the property. Strategically optimised, property listings are designed to captivate and attract guests ideal for each property.

Channel management

MadeComfy manage properties across multiple booking channels, going beyond Airbnb, to ensure maximum exposure and visibility for every property within your portfolio. MadeComfy have developed strategic partnerships with booking channels which ensures access to enhanced support and early availability of new products and upgrades.

Trust accounting and payment

MadeComfy's secure trust accounting and payment processing services for unmatched transparency and security, allowing you to focus your attention on more important matters with peace of mind.

Sales and marketing

For those looking to fast-track their growth, MadeComfy offers optional sales and marketing services, allowing our team that will drive and convert leads on your behalf.

Our partnership with MadeComfy has been incredibly successful. By being a MadeComfy Pro partner, we have achieved significant growth and are able to offer seamless integration and enhanced services to our clients. Our team has confidence in the MadeComfy team and processes.

Together, we provide unmatched value to both owners and guests. Without hesitation, I would recommend MadeComfy Pro as a great way to grow and diversify your business.

Sadhana Smiles

Director, Harcourts Move

Partnering with MadeComfy has instantly allowed us to deliver a high-quality guest experience, congruent with the standard of our brand. We were drawn to MadeComfy because of their specialisation in all of the areas we didn’t have experience in.

Immediately, we’ve been able to grow and scale a new segment of our business.

Luke Vaughan

Principal, Crown Realty Gold Coast

Unlock the benefits of MadeComfy Pro