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Why MadeComfy Pro?

MadeComfy Pro's comprehensive framework simplifies the complexities of short-stay management, so that real estate agents can tap into the short-stay market at scale and build a successful business with ease.

Launch your short-term property management service with MadeComfy's comprehensive and sophisticated solution, designed for your success.

Unlock the Potential of a Thriving Industry

Embrace the rising STR industry. In just the last 18 months, Australia has seen a 25% increase in listings compared to the previous year. With MadeComfy Pro, you can tap into the tremendous growth potential of this dynamic market.

Add a New Revenue Stream to Your Business

Partner with MadeComfy Pro and expand your revenue potential by tapping into short-term rentals and catering to the diverse needs of your clients.

By incorporating short-term rental management, you can boost the value of your rent roll while simultaneously providing higher returns to your clients, all without the burden of significant startup expenses.

Partner with Award-Winning Experts

Our team of award-winning short-term rental experts is dedicated to professionalising the short-term rental industry. With our extensive experience and industry knowledge, we partner with you with the goal of accelerating the growth of your short-term rental business.

Deliver Higher Returns for Your Clients and Your Business

Our track record speaks for itself—consistently out performing the market by up to 40%. We have a team of Property Performance experts that use data driven insights to help you maximise returns for your clients and your business

Retain Valuable Client & Business Relationships

With MadeComfy Pro, you can retain your client relationships and own all the assets in your portfolio. Continue to handle in-property matters, while offering diversified solutions your clients desire.

Scale your STR Business with Instant Tech and Guest Solutions

Experience effortless scalability for your short-term rental business. Access cutting-edge technology and instant guest solutions that streamline your operations. Enjoy seamless reporting and payment processes, and monitor bookings and performance with ease.

How can MadeComfy Pro help you in your role?


Take your business to new heights with MadeComfy Pro. Access exclusive market insights and diversify your revenue streams, paving the way for strategic growth in your property management business while setting yourself apart from competitors.

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Property Managers

Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming tenant management with MadeComfy Pro. Our comprehensive framework simplifies the intricacies of STR, handling all guest and housekeeping related matters, allowing you to focus on building strong client relationships and growing your business.

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Our partnership with MadeComfy has been incredibly successful. By being a MadeComfy Pro partner, we have achieved significant growth and are able to offer seamless integration and enhanced services to our clients. Our team has confidence in the MadeComfy team and processes.

Together, we provide unmatched value to both owners and guests. Without hesitation, I would recommend MadeComfy Pro as a great way to grow and diversify your business.

Sadhana Smiles

Director, Harcourts Move

Partnering with MadeComfy has instantly allowed us to deliver a high-quality guest experience, congruent with the standard of our brand. We were drawn to MadeComfy because of their specialisation in all of the areas we didn’t have experience in.

Immediately, we’ve been able to grow and scale a new segment of our business.

Luke Vaughan

Principal, Crown Realty Gold Coast

How it works


Integrate MadeComfy Pro seamlessly into your operations with guided onboarding and user-friendly software.


Gain expert knowledge in short-term rental management through the MadeComfy Pro certification, preparing property managers to excel in the STR business.


Experience a dedicated partnership with continuous support from a MadeComfy Account Manager, ensuring licensee success in the short-term rental market.


Utilise MadeComfy Pro's tools and support to efficiently scale your business and rapidly expand your property portfolio.

Unlock the benefits of MadeComfy Pro