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Grow your real estate business with short-term rentals

MadeComfy Pro is the ultimate short-term rental solution for real estate agencies. Our comprehensive framework simplifies the complexities of short-stay management at scale, so that you can build a successful STR business with ease.

Learn how much revenue short-term rentals can generate for your business

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MadeComfy Pro Network

Trusted by Australia's largest real estate agency groups

Secure long-term success with short-term rentals

Tap into a billion dollar opportunity with MadeComfy Pro. Grow and diversify your business, retain client relationships, expand your market share and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Properties joining MadeComfy are stepping out of the traditional real estate market pool, choosing to venture into short-term rentals.

Don't miss out on the vast potential within the ANZ market. By only focusing on long-term property management, you're overlooking a substantial segment of over 225,000 STR properties.
The APAC market is among the fastest-growing regions for short-stay rentals. In 2023, annual revenue surged by 28% to $2.09 billion, and this upward trend is forecasted to continue year over year.

Why MadeComfy Pro?


Offer STR and stop losing clients to competitors.

Protect your brand by offering an award winning short-term rental solution backed by experts, while remaining the face of property management for your clients.

With MadeComfy Pro you own the asset, retain your valuable client relationships, and can focus on what you do best: growing your business.


Start and scale your short-term rental business quickly with low risk and minimal fixed costs.

MadeComfy Pro’s framework and  infrastructure, means you can efficiently expand your portfolio in the dynamic STR market while optimising your return on investment (ROI).

Focus on your strengths

Our team takes care of guests services, housekeeping, all technology, bookings and finance, providing the framework for you to focus on what you do best - property management and growing your business.

Your agency

Unlock the benefits of MadeComfy Pro

Our partnership with MadeComfy has been incredibly successful. By being a MadeComfy Pro partner, we have achieved significant growth and are able to offer seamless integration and enhanced services to our clients. Our team has confidence in the MadeComfy team and processes.

Together, we provide unmatched value to both owners and guests. Without hesitation, I would recommend MadeComfy Pro as a great way to grow and diversify your business.

Sadhana Smiles

Director, Harcourts Move

Partnering with MadeComfy has instantly allowed us to deliver a high-quality guest experience, congruent with the standard of our brand. We were drawn to MadeComfy because of their specialisation in all of the areas we didn’t have experience in.

Immediately, we’ve been able to grow and scale a new segment of our business.

Luke Vaughan

Principal, Crown Realty Gold Coast